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Hygiene Solutions & Geotab

Hygiene Solutions install Geotab telematics throughout Fleet

Hygiene Solutions have installed the Geotab telematics platform in its fleet of vans and company cars.


Hygiene Solutions are dedicated to preventing and controlling infection in healthcare settings. They are a highly specialised business, combining innovative thinking with the latest technology, to supply systems that deliver proven results and are trusted by leading hospitals around the world. With this in mind they decided to look for technology solutions that could improve the service they provide to customers and gain more efficiencies within the business.

After extensive research Hygiene Solutions decided that a vehicle telematics solution could assist the business with planning, job allocation and safety improvements within the fleet, having full visibility of staff around the world would increase the level of service they provide customers and also the company with internal efficiencies and cost savings. Various telematics platforms were investigated and the Geotab platform provided by LEVL was chosen.

Why Geotab

The Geotab platform was chosen for several key reasons including;-

  • Easy to install hardware
  • Integration with Microsoft 365 Dynamics
  • Easy to use MyGeotab software
  • FREE driver application
  • Extensive driver behaviour reporting and coaching
  • Accurate MPG reporting
  • Future proof hardware and software – ELECTRIC VEHICLE ready
  • Secure platform and hardware
  • Support and service provided by LEVL

Driver Challenge

The system has been provided with additional services including the fantastic Driver Challenge system, this add-in allows software users and drivers to see there driving performance and trends, ranked against their colleagues and peers with feedback to the driver with coaching advice and feedback. Driver Challenge 


Hygiene solutions provide services and support to the NHS and other Government businesses Worldwide so when selecting a provider Security was a major factor, Geotab provide Security at the highest levels on both infrastructure and hardware and have recently been awarded FIPS 140-2 validations for the GO device FIPS 140-2 Validation and subsequently won the largest telematics contract ever awarded with 217,000 devices for the US Government.