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LEVL & Flock

LEVL strikes insurance partnership with Flock to reward fleets that invest in telematics

London, UK – June 29, 2021 – LEVL, Authorised Reseller for the world’s leading provider of fleet management and vehicle telematics, Geotab, today announced its partnership with Flock, a London-based insurtech, to bring the benefits of connected insurance to its customers.

Through this partnership, fleets working with LEVL, such as Muller Milk & More, Prohire, and Drover, will have the ability to take advantage of Flock’s data-driven fleet insurance offering, gaining access to risk insights to help improve safety standards while reducing insurance premiums. By connecting with a vehicle’s telematics solution, motor policies provided by Flock are priced based on the trips they make and the risks they take. As fleets take steps to improve safety, they are automatically rewarded with lower per-mile insurance rates.

Ed Leon Klinger, CEO of Flock said:

“Connectivity is key to unlocking fairer, more flexible insurance. By analysing vehicle telematics, we’ve helped fleets save as much as 25% over traditional policies.

“Partnering with the world’s leading telematics providers and distributors is key to our connected approach to insurance. That’s why today we’re excited to join forces with LEVL to help their customers save time and money, while keeping safety at the heart of everything they do.

By integrating with Geotab’s telematics platform, Flock is able to provide LEVL customers with an analysis of the activity of every vehicle in a fleet to produce fleet insurance policies, based on drive behaviour, that are tailored to each business they work with. Cost of insurance will be dependent on driver habits and behaviours including driver speed, routes taken, and more. Not only will this partnership provide LEVL’s customers with access to  a more customised insurance offering, but it will also help to encourage drivers to improve their driving behaviour while on the road.

Alongside insurance, fleets utilising Flock are provided with risk insights that encourage better behaviour. As fleets take steps to improve safety, they are automatically rewarded with lower per-mile insurance rates.

Commenting on today’s news Andrew Pearce Sales & Marketing Director at LEVL said:

“At LEVL we live and breathe safety and sustainability. From supporting the transition to electric vehicles to helping raise awareness about the latest fleet safety technology, we are committed to adding value to our customers, and our partnership with Flock is no exception.

“Flock’s unique approach to insurance and ability to integrate with the Geotab platform makes getting started simple. Customers can benefit from a reward-focused approach to insurance, accessing lower insurance premiums as they take steps to improve safety amongst their fleets and drivers.”

LEVL is the UK’s leading value added Reseller of Geotab products and services. Geotab’s telematics technology is currently utilised by more than 40,000 customers around the world and is found in more than 2.2 million vehicles globally. Processing more than 40 billion data points per day, Geotab customers benefit from rich data insights that enable them to increase the productivity, safety and efficiency of their fleets.

Flock’s partnership with LEVL is currently live in the UK with both companies planning to expand this offer to forward-thinking fleets across Europe in 2022.

About LEVL 

LEVL offer a telematics service with a difference, taking service and support to another LEVL. Its team is fully trained on every aspect of telematics and fleet management including integrated partner solutions, cameras, scheduling, charging, vehicle supply and more.

LEVL live and breathe sustainability and are dedicated to EV transition with a full end-to-end EV transition solution.

LEVL is the UK’s No1 Geotab Value Added Reseller and was recognised as Geotab’s European Electric Vehicle Partner of the Year in 2019.

About Flock 

Founded in 2015 and backed by some of the world’s leading investors, Flock is reinventing commercial vehicle insurance from the ground up. Rather than simply insuring connected commercial motor and drone fleets, the UK insurtech actively makes them safer by providing customers with real-time insights into their own operations, risks, and costs.

Flock incentivises smarter behaviour by aligning insurance prices with the risks its customers undertake; this unique approach has allowed it to insure thousands of delighted customers, while helping improve safety across their fleets.

With a rapidly growing commercial motor and drone customer base, billions of data points, and an enthusiastic team of engineers, sales-people, and insurance experts, Flock is on a mission to make the world a safer, smarter place.