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LEVL & SureCam announce strategic partnership for Driver Safety

LEVL Telematics, UK provider of the world leading telematics solution Geotab, announces its strategic partnership with SureCam the leading provider of network connected single-and dual-camera solutions for commercial vehicle fleets in the UK.

Geotab provides data-driven insights into areas such as speed, RPM data, engine faults and accident detection to help business better manage their fleets . The SureCam system fully integrates with the Geotab solution to provide video content on collision, near miss or harsh driving incidents which is captured and transmitted within moments of it happening. This helps road transport operators increased protection against fraudulent insurance claims, false driving allegations and disputed liability.

The partnership means that LEVL will provide SureCam with go-to-market support on the Geotab solution set and LEVL will introduce the benefits of SureCam technology to their customers.

Sam Footer, Strategic Partnership Director at SureCam comments “By combining our industry-leading devices with complementary software technologies and services, we have created an advanced proposition that offers unrivalled savings potential to the fleet market. Partnering with LEVL means our customers get access to specialist industry expertise to help optimise the next level in telematics systems with SureCams advanced feature set to significantly improve driver safety and cost savings.”

The Geotab solution includes features such as advanced engine diagnostics, Ad-blue levels, advanced fuel usage data, driver behaviour gamification and real time vehicle location at 1 second intervals.

Andrew Pearce, Sales & Marketing Director at LEVL added: “As fleet managers understand, improving driver safety and vehicle health can have a significant impact on driving down fleet costs by lowering claims, lowering insurance premiums, by avoiding the huge costs of vehicle breakdowns, reducing fuel consumption and ad-blue usage. The use of SureCam technology with Geotab’s market leading telematics solution provides further opportunity to realise those benefits and improve driver messaging that safe driving pays.”

 About LEVL:

LEVL Telematics is the leading authorised Value-Added Reseller for Geotab and have over 50 years of combined telematics experience. LEVL telematics was created to provide industry leading fleet management and vehicle telematics solutions for all types of fleet including Electric Vehicles

 About SureCam:

We are the leading provider of connected camera solutions to the fleet, road transport and insurance sectors. The company is responsible for launching the first connected vehicle camera in the UK and has since introduced the only managed solution currently available that delivers both integrated video monitoring and proactive claims handling. This unique and proven approach is already achieving a reduction in accident frequency of 45 per cent, as well as £1,600 of claim cost savings per third-party collision, for major fleet operations.

For Further information please contact:

Sam Footer                                                      SureCam

M: +44 (0) 7702 497722                              E: sam.footer@surecam.com


Andrew Pearce                                               LEVL Telematics

M: +44 (0)7793 627847                               E: andrew@LEVLtelematics.com

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