Camera Systems

Fully Connected HD Camera Systems That Help You See The True Picture

Camera Systems

Forward-facing cameras

Our forward-facing cameras combine high-definition video integrated with the Geotab telematics solution.

Using a state-of-the-art integrated 3G vehicle camera and tracking system, we have created a solution that will help protect your fleet against false driving allegations, complaints from the public, high claims costs and increasing insurance premiums.

We provide a web-enabled interface that allows access to video data received in the event of an alert either triggered through Geotab or a panic button located on the HD camera.

Key benefits

  • Significantly reduce operational/fleet insurance costs.
  • Complete visibility over fleet operations – enabling risk management control.
  • First notification of loss (FNOL) – immediate claim intervention.
  • Increased accuracy/admissible G-Force and GPS data required to defend or help mitigate third party repair costs or injury claims.
  • Prove innocence and provide evidence about what really happened.
  • Detect unsafe driving and identify driver training needs.
  • Alter driver behaviour.