The World Leader In Collision Avoidance Systems


The world leader in collision avoidance systems.

Save lives. Protect your fleet. Reduce costs.

Mobileye – Fit your vehicles with an advanced collision avoidance system to immediately improve safety records and help protect against driver distraction.

Save lives and protect your bottom line – install the most advanced collision avoidance system available today.

Mobileye is a one-time expense and integrates seamlessly into the Geotab system. The data is easily exported to the Geotab system enabling enhanced visibility of the fleet, as well as greater insight into driving behaviour.

  • Gives drivers sufficient warning so they can react in time to avoid and mitigate crashes
  • Helps to avoid potential hazards so they don’t become accidents
  • Trains drivers to become more aware of their own habits and behaviours
  • Meets the rigorous compliance standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • May reduce insurance premiums and fines for non-compliance (where applicable) — all of which improve CSA scores
  • Easy installation ensures rapid rollout
  • Requires very little driver training, making implementation easy
  • Integrates with fleet management and telematics systems for greater visibility into fleet performance and driver behaviour
  • Provides an extra level of protection for safety-minded fleets such as ICEE, UPS, Dart Transit, Coca-Cola Hellenic, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Veolia, CR England, DHL, and Kon

Having a Mobileye collision avoidance system with intelligent vision sensors gives drivers an extra eye on the road – one that is always focused. It identifies potential threats in a driver’s path – cyclists, pedestrians, other vehicles – and continuously measures their distance and relative speeds to calculate the risk of a collision. Mobileye solutions understand when risks become seriously dangerous and can alert drivers in time to avert a possible disaster.

Mobileye helps to combat distraction and fatigue-related issues. It detects lane markings to notify drivers when they veer out of lane, and reads speed limit signs to remind drivers to stay within the speed limit. When imminent danger is detected, the system provides real-time visual and audible alerts to keep everyone safe.

Avoid crashes with real-time notifications of imminent dangers

Mobileye® 5 and 6 Series are advanced collision avoidance systems equipped with a single forward-facing vision sensor that sends real-time warnings.

Increasing driver safety is as easy as installing the powerful Mobileye vision sensor on your windscreen and the EyeWatch alert display on the interior dash. The Mobileye® 5 and 6 Series continuously scan the road for potential hazards: oncoming vehicles, unintentional lane drift, pedestrians, cyclists, and more. With vigilant analysis of relative distances, location and speed, Mobileye systems give your drivers time to react with lifesaving alerts.

Mobileye® 5 and 6 Series help drivers stay focused, attentive and safe so that fleet managers can sleep soundly.