Fleet Optimisation

Reduce fuel costs Geotab offers the most extensive reports and metrics to help you reduce your fuel consumption. With Geotab’s reports you are able to improve your fleet’s fuel economy and observe side-by-side fuel data that will allow you to monitor any driving behaviour that is linked to increased fuel costs. Fuel consumption tracking Geotab’s […]

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Implementing telematics for your business growth means staying focused on your 5 year business plan and tapping into the potential of the rich data that is available, in addition to extending the information to assist in making measured management decisions. This milestone-setting refresh will enable you to achieve a long term vision for growth. The […]

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Detailed and accurate trip recording The patented “breadcrumb trail tracking” offers the most advanced insight into your drivers’ on-road performance. At every turn, curve, and stop, Geotab technology records all driving details and compares that data to company policies defined in the software. This allows the fleet to manage by exception and highlight if something […]

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GPS fleet management solutions Capture rich, second-by-second data on vehicle position, speed, fuel use, idling – and more – with Geotab’s GPS fleet management solutions. Optimise your fleet with high-performance technology that’s scalable, flexible, and can be customised to suit your exact business needs. Geotab delivers accurate intelligence for real results, based on the five […]

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Risk and safety reporting Geotab’s fleet safety reports provide advanced insight into your drivers’ on-road activities. Risk and safety scores are assigned to individual drivers based on various factors: speeding, seatbelt usage, braking habits, harsh cornering, acceleration, and after-hours vehicle usage. Also, Geotab reports illustrate daily, weekly, or monthly driving trends to enable managers to […]

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Geotab Drive. Geotab Drive is a mobile solution for working hours (WTD), vehicle inspection and driver identification. The Geotab Drive app synchronises data between the Geotab GO device and a mobile device to provide many functions, such as automatic duty status changes, violation alerts, complete end-to-end inspection workflow, and many more. Geotab Drive is compatible […]

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