A LEVL Approach to Environmental Responsibility


Here at LEVL, we take a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility. We invest our efforts into preserving the Earth’s natural resources through constant innovation and the efficient use of materials in our daily productions. Geotab’s high-tech telematics technology focuses on improving driver productivity, safety, compliance, and optimising fleets — all of which typically results in the reduction of fuel consumption, better MPG, and less CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere.

Our customers are contributing too

We are pleased to be playing an active role in improving the carbon footprints of each of our customers and we are continuing to improve our involvement in working towards a green economy and maintaining our commitment to sustainability.

Some of our internal efforts include:

  • Electric vehicle charging stations to promote the use of eco-friendly vehicles
  • The recycling of any food/drink containers as well as paper and cardboard
  • Recycling of all electronic components used in our daily productions
  • Power saving lights across the office
  • Re-use of any packaging materials that have been delivered to the office (i.e. bubble wrap, cardboard boxes)
  • Use of plant-based inks and recyclable product boxes
  • Promotion of environmentally friendly methods of travelling to work
  • On-site bicycle racks and shower facilities
  • Frequent car sharing between staff members