EV Telematics- EV fleet

EV telematics… The solution to your EV fleet management

While the environmental benefits of electric vehicles aren’t to be argued the total cost of ownership has much more discussion around. Fleet managers will need to weigh up the initial cost of acquisition of an EV compared to an ICE equivalent. Although cost of energy is much lower than cost of petrol and diesel, range anxiety and EV performance are major issues in the decision making of electrifying fleets. This is where Geotab EV telematics solution can assist in your EV fleet.

Driver Behaviour Image

Driver Behaviour… The key to fleet success

As a fleet manager, monitoring driver behaviour is a key factor in any successful fleet. Rising costs, damaged reputations and vehicle downtime are all consequences of poor driver behaviour management. Dealing with driver behaviour issues for a fleet is the key to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Ultimate Guide to EV Chargers

As we enter into a new world of vehicle electrification, we have compiled the ultimate guide to EV chargers, from charging at home, at the workplace or using public charging infrastructure our guide covers everything you need to know.